Stefanie L. Farrell, CART Provider

Making environments in New England accessible to those with 
hearing loss.  CART can be provided on-site, on-site streamed to a user's tablet or
internet enabled device, and remotely.  
Whatever the need, Stefanie has the knowledge and ability to make your
environment accessible to anyone with a hearing loss.

Thanks for visiting! Onsite and Remote demonstrations available upon request.

Stefanie Farrell, CART Provider, is focused on providing high-quality Communication Access Realtime Translation Services (CART) in a variety of settings.  She has been providing CART in the Deaf, hard of hearing and late deafened community since 1994 and has had a variety of exciting and challenging experiences. 

Stefanie provides CART in all of the New England states.  Whether your needs require inside the classroom, large meeting, town meeting, self-help meeting, medical appointments or legally, a person with hearing loss will have the ability to participate 100% using CART services.  CART can be provided by Stefanie on-site, on-site remotely, and remotely via conference call.  She welcomes any and all questions.

We hope you will book with her!  Please submit any questions you may have and she will reply.