Stefanie L. Farrell, CART Provider

Making environments in New England accessible to those with 
hearing loss.  CART can be provided on-site, on-site streamed to a user's tablet or
internet enabled device, and remotely.  
Whatever the need, Stefanie has the knowledge and ability to make your
environment accessible to anyone with a hearing loss.

CART Services Town Government

CART services within Town Government has become very important.  Town Meetings, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Board of Selectmen meetings, Finance Committee meetings can all become 100% accessible by having a CART provider.  Not only do persons with hearing loss benefit from CART, the audience in general benefits.  CART is typically projected onto a large screen for the entire Town Meeting body to see.  The benefits are endless and it enables everyone; whether they have a hearing loss or not, to participate fully.  It is imperative that the CART provider has the names of all members on the various boards, a copy of the warrant, and a copy of the motions if possible.  Stefanie Farrell has been providing CART Services for over ten years in numerous cities and municipalities across the State of Massachusetts.