Stefanie L. Farrell, CART Provider

Making environments in New England accessible to those with 
hearing loss.  CART can be provided on-site, on-site streamed to a user's tablet or
internet enabled device, and remotely.  
Whatever the need, Stefanie has the knowledge and ability to make your
environment accessible to anyone with a hearing loss.

Most common place you will find CART is in the college or university classroom.  There have been numerous advances to providing CART within the classroom that Stefanie is able to provide just about whatever the client needs.  Streaming has become a very popular addition.  This way the student is able to sit anywhere within the classroom without being "singled" out as a person with a disability.  Stefanie uses a web-based server called StreamText.  She then sends a link to the student who is then able to open it up on a tablet, Android phone, iPhone or laptop.  This is dependent upon there being Wi-Fi or internet connectivity within the classroom.